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How to: apex domain, with HTTPS, in Azure CDN

27 Mar 2022

Get ready for pain.

Tags: azure

Sanitizing Internet use

10 Feb 2022

The more time you spend on an app, the more ad money you make for it. “Similar videos to this one”, “trending videos right now”, “auto-playing the next video in 5s” etc. Because of this time stealing, I’ve been trying to sanitize my Internet use—here are the extensions I ended up with:


Azure DevOps rolling release private npm package

28 Jan 2022

This tutorial describes how to - in Azure DevOps - create a private NPM package that is released whenever a PR is merged to its source code. You can find the results of following the tutorial in my public Azure DevOps project here.


Vue: Why is my input displaying something other than the :value prop I’m passing to it? Controlled inputs

17 May 2021

Whenever you try to do some JS magic on the default HTML <input> in Vue - especially input sanitization - you’ll often come across an issue where the input will display something different than you passed to it using the :value prop. In this article I describe why that happens.
I’ve made an interactive CodeSandbox for this here


How to set up a screen reader for web development

11 Feb 2021

I never could find any tutorial that explains how to install a screen reader, how to use it as a web developer and how to configure its useful features for - again - web development. For a year, I worked on the eUrząd Skarbowy, which is Poland’s official government website that aims to digitize and simplify the usual government paperwork such as paying all kinds of taxes, submitting requests or sending statements. From an accessibility perspective, it’s a big deal.

This blog posts describes how to more or less end up with the screen reader setup used for accessibility-centric web development during that time. It was used by me and my < 10 (less than all, minimum 4, can’t count the word-of-mouth :P) coworkers that I shared this blog post with. This post served as something I could send a new coworker instead of manually explaining the same thing N times to different people.

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